Those faceless kids are at it again

Playing keep away with his favorite ball

They’ll fight and cry and play some more

Outside, where lusty lovers quarrel


A rundown town with beggars built for war

Who post signs for information found

A glory hog parades for a party of one

While the angry mob attends a mass to mourn


Oh, the sideways rain is at it again

Making sure the fire’s cold

Keeping blind, our windows in


Only six more feet to go


The last day change of the market

Caused the farmer to loose his pockets

Leaving worms to dig the dirt

While the animals die and flirt


With those faceless kids at it again

Why would I be so surprised at sin?

Time to walk back home to close the door

Til tomorrow’s guarantee of a sunlit precipice



The image drastically flickered.

Laying on the ground one could only see

How belligerent the absence of logic and sensibility

Mind races to beat the panic

Fashion obsession bleeds through the eyes of the manic


A microscope’s view of the bigger picture

Puts the pinhead on the dreamscape landmark

The image drastically flickered

Water drowns the mayor of the dog park


Fizzled silica justice

Cycled in the undertow

Conundrums cause all of the ruckus

Beneath the mistletoe


Sharper than Deneb

During the grand applause

Folding the doors to the crib

Black holes in every wall


Knocks on the calcium orb

Heat on the carbon construct

A steady rise begins from the core

Another day for this mongrel defunct




Across from the window it sat alone.

Mindful of all.

Forcibly comfortable in a paralyzing jest.

Elements have passed on and through.

Softly letting what can no longer be.

Showing what is now costly to be free.


It starts to make sense after awhile.

The pattern seems to be apparent.

Across the in between.

In from nothing.

Porous planes of view scatter lines.

Of mercury rain in paradise.