Those faceless kids are at it again

Playing keep away with his favorite ball

They’ll fight and cry and play some more

Outside, where lusty lovers quarrel


A rundown town with beggars built for war

Who post signs for information found

A glory hog parades for a party of one

While the angry mob attends a mass to mourn


Oh, the sideways rain is at it again

Making sure the fire’s cold

Keeping blind, our windows in


Only six more feet to go


The last day change of the market

Caused the farmer to loose his pockets

Leaving worms to dig the dirt

While the animals die and flirt


With those faceless kids at it again

Why would I be so surprised at sin?

Time to walk back home to close the door

Til tomorrow’s guarantee of a sunlit precipice



Sensory Input :: Zero

Sensory deprivation tanks are so amazing! For those who are unfamiliar with them here’s a brief description of the place my wife and I go to. It’s called the Art of Floating in Bloomsburg, PA. We tend to call ahead and book an appointment in advance. Once you have you time set and arrive accordingly someone greets you at the door. It’s a bit like a check-in at a hotel or possibly another spa like facility; I haven’t been to many. After you have checked-in and paid the person at the front desk you then take your shoes off place them on a shoe rack nearby and begin to walk to your own personal float room guided by the person from the front desk.

Once inside the room turn around, lock the door, and the hour(ish) is yours. In this room there is a towel rack, a dark bronze shower setup, a toilet and a take with 8 inches of water with about 1000 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved into it. Prior to entering the tank there you must take a shower. After your shower, the choice to put a bathing suit on or stay in your birthday suit is up to you. Personally I enjoy sans-clothing to get the sensation of the warm water becoming my skin as I drift into oblivion. The last bit of the pre-float ritual is putting in  wax ear plugs to prevent your ears from getting filled with salt water. After all this is said an done you are ready to hop in!

The tank has a door that you can choose whether to keep open or shut. The room is equipped with an occupancy sensor that will turn off the lights after no movement is detected for a certain amount of time. Occasionally you can hear the hum of the air conditioner unit on the wall but it has never detracted from my float. The water is at a warm temperature around 92.3 degrees to match that of the outside temperature of skin. The extreme amount of salt in the water allows you to float effortlessly. With my consistent back pain it helps get things aligned and back to copacetic.

In my experience it never feels like the one hour that elapses. The float session lets you lay in your thoughts until they are exhausted and there becomes a point where your  mind will make new thoughts out of the nothingness around you. The transition to a sleep state in this tank is practically seamless. The journey inside the tank is different every time and for every person. It ends when the light inside the tank turns on. I never saw the light turn on. I always remember laying and wandering into a half awake dream state. Then when I finally remember that I’m not in space hopping off planets to an Enya song, I realise that the light is on and my time to shower and put my clothes back on has arrived. Should you bring a friend or significant other to a float session, you can set up an appointment for multiple rooms and afterwards discuss what your group experienced on your journey in what is called the tea room.

The tea room is basically a living room with super comfy couches that you can sit and drink tea or water and relax some more with your friends and talk about your thoughts on anything. I would sit here with my wife for usually around 15 to 20 minutes and have never felt rushed to leave. The first time we went the person who led us to our rooms came out to the tea room and we all just sat and talked about random stuff. Basically anything that comes to mind when you are first meeting someone.

In such a short passage I cannot do this place enough justice. It is an experience you must have at least once and for what feels like a consistent sale of $35 a float per person (I believe $60-65 for full price) you can make a quick day of it.

Here’s a link :

The Art of Floating Bloomsburg, PA

Daily Prompt: Float


Boy is reading that! I’m half-way into Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ and I just love his style of writing so far. I’ve never read any of his books before this. Honestly I’m fairly new to reading as a hobby but I am really enjoying the experiences. There is a brief part of ‘On Writing’ that describes writing as a form of telepathy. That is so spot on it has completely replaced my whole thought process on the activity. Prior to reading this book, I would imagine writing as a form of time capsule for my memories. I can barely remember things as it is but I can remember pictures and scenes pretty well. I usually start off with painting a scene in my mind and just write what I see and go with the flow. Several times I have been caught off guard as to how a scenario would pan out. That is a feeling of blowing my own mind is hilarious, exciting, and I hope to continue on that path.



I feel like sometime I’ve done nothing. Even though I know I have so many things going on at once. It’s pretty overwhelming. I do love what is going on which I will definitely get to in this entry!

First off my wife is preggers! Everyone who I would like to know this info doesn’t. However, I told everyone whom I felt needed to know. Moms, Aunts, Siblings and so forth. I am still in a surreal state of mind. We had an appointment with a nurse today which was basically an intro to the intro of the next nine months and what we can expect. There was a booklet on some do’s and dont’s. Witnessing the changes she is going through is mind-blowing and boy did guys luck out big time in this process.

During this amazing period I have been brainstorming the depths of my mind and see what wild scenarios I can dish out to the world. I hope to make this situations into full fledged stories and potentially books! But first there’s a start and that’s where I’m at; A start of many. Every time I have to explain something to someone I wish I could just show them a series of pictures from my mind into theirs with little to no effort. It would streamline the process of communication and probably lessen the amount of glazed stares with heavy eyes.

One day there will be a point where I can look back and see the bottom of the mountain I’ve climbed and turn to my family and point. “That’s where it started, near the goat.” I would yell while they smile and enjoy the sunset from the peak where we will setup our forever camp!


Was it Henry or Harry?

DSC_0175 (2).JPG

This amazing little one is the pet of a stranger my wife and I met while out on a hike during our 1 year anniversary. His stature, facial, and body language screamed regal. I wish I had a small crown to give him. He took extra care not to get an uncomfortable amount of wet but just enough to satisfy whatever standard he had set in his mind.

Pets just seem to have such amazing personalities. It makes me wonder about the turning point of which man started to settle and become less nomadic as a whole. There was a turning period for us to stop worrying about certain necessities and started worrying more about the ease and comfort of society. If given the opportunity would an otherwise wild animal, after generations of domesticity, start to build more on their personality. Start worry about things like style and comfort more so than the need of survival. Is that how we get hilarious candid moments with our fuzzy little sidekicks? I wonder if there are societies of animals that have already established themselves comfortably and tend to do this naturally. They probably do. The world is so large it’s just amazing what possibilities are out there.

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge

Where a mind can wander/Where can a mind wander/ Wander where a mind can

So I have taken to writing a book! I have never thought of it as a possibility but then again so many things can change a person’s life it is amazing! So far the process has been interesting. I find that I am writing with the thought of before the book is published I would die. I have no reason to think that but it is a good motivator. It gives me urgency to put as much information into what I am writing and makes me pretty picky on the quality of information.

I hope it is something that can influence, aspire and potentially be a stepping stone into a new fun habit. I have some stories in mind and some fun pictures I would like to paint with words. We shall see what happens!

I was also recently given information on how to put my photographs onto some fun mediums I had never thought possible. Not because they are extravagant but because I hadn’t really given to much thought into the printing of my photos. Turns out what I was told was a pretty standard practice. I hope to start getting into a bit of photo editing but honestly I would rather nature do most of the dirty work :-)! I may add a bit of certain colors if the lighting in the photo wasn’t capturing the essence of the photo but other than that I don’t feel I would want to alter things too much. Unless I plan on making it look absurdly abstract!

Music!! Music!! Music!!

I actually put some time aside and messed around with some new things! My buddy always sends me a large amount of guitar tracks and I haven’t had the time or tools to do anything but ponder their expansive possibilities. Now I have been able to start stringing things together and it is pretty awesome to hear something in your head for awhile and start to actually put it into reality!

Where I am going and the journey I feel my “new” mindset is taking me is going to be an awesome one. I can feel it!

Motivation is hard but is key. Focus is hard but is essential.


There is something a bit ritualistic about coffee. I know that has been said a thousand times over but a million other people but this morning it just stuck with me. As I poured the remnants of the ones who didn’t make the steam train, I smelled all of the flavors I had added into the brew. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ground Cloves, and a small bit of almond extract with a splash of maple syrup.

As I inhaled the olfactory gift that is said brew, I took my butter-knife slowly dipped it into the center of the french press and started to stir. While stirring I just kept thinking, “If you turn the middle long enough it will all turn.” For some reason that just fascinated me. Basic physics, something that has been seen a thousand times over in a million different scenarios, but it was still fascinating.

I didn’t wonder about anything else. I felt what could have been thought of as a sense of meditation. It was a mindset of focus I wished to have on an everyday basis with every primary task that was at hand. Unfortunately I’m generally scatter brained and the sentences that I can actually string together into something coherent seem to only be in a form that would, in a one on one interaction, extremely strange.

In any case, the coffee is here and now brewed. Time to start a new journey, a new day.