Boy is reading that! I’m half-way into Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ and I just love his style of writing so far. I’ve never read any of his books before this. Honestly I’m fairly new to reading as a hobby but I am really enjoying the experiences. There is a brief part of ‘On Writing’ that describes writing as a form of telepathy. That is so spot on it has completely replaced my whole thought process on the activity. Prior to reading this book, I would imagine writing as a form of time capsule for my memories. I can barely remember things as it is but I can remember pictures and scenes pretty well. I usually start off with painting a scene in my mind and just write what I see and go with the flow. Several times I have been caught off guard as to how a scenario would pan out. That is a feeling of blowing my own mind is hilarious, exciting, and I hope to continue on that path.



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