I feel like sometime I’ve done nothing. Even though I know I have so many things going on at once. It’s pretty overwhelming. I do love what is going on which I will definitely get to in this entry!

First off my wife is preggers! Everyone who I would like to know this info doesn’t. However, I told everyone whom I felt needed to know. Moms, Aunts, Siblings and so forth. I am still in a surreal state of mind. We had an appointment with a nurse today which was basically an intro to the intro of the next nine months and what we can expect. There was a booklet on some do’s and dont’s. Witnessing the changes she is going through is mind-blowing and boy did guys luck out big time in this process.

During this amazing period I have been brainstorming the depths of my mind and see what wild scenarios I can dish out to the world. I hope to make this situations into full fledged stories and potentially books! But first there’s a start and that’s where I’m at; A start of many. Every time I have to explain something to someone I wish I could just show them a series of pictures from my mind into theirs with little to no effort. It would streamline the process of communication and probably lessen the amount of glazed stares with heavy eyes.

One day there will be a point where I can look back and see the bottom of the mountain I’ve climbed and turn to my family and point. “That’s where it started, near the goat.” I would yell while they smile and enjoy the sunset from the peak where we will setup our forever camp!