Beneath it all was a drive to be the best at nothing.

The seminar was over and it seemed a new contest had started. The contestants were architects in their early 20s bent on creating their art with the guidance of last words spoken by the famous sponsored guest Felix Steenhouwer. “Be sure to include the best feature about yourself in every brick and pane. Don’t become buried by an obsession to please. Rise high and push the limits of art and functionality!” There seemed to be a unanimous applause and standing ovation that felt rehearsed.

Sara, Zonso, and Ezra seemed to be the odd ones out of enthusiasm but didn’t leave without motivation. Ezra and Sara were siblings and not originally from the area. They just started to work full-time and indulge themselves in these seminars. Living and pursuing their dreams with the old money passed to them through wills and fund managers. Zonso, however, worked his way up rather recently and kept a hard focus on what tasks needed to be done to pursue his goals of exuberant fame. Their friendship had been years in the making through online communication. Zonso had known that they were financially well off but never wanted a helping hand. He felt weak at the receipt of any assistance.

“So he wants us to get high?” said Sara. “Ez, I think you may want to explain to your sis about how buildings work.” Zonso said with an intense disdain for Sara’s sarcasm. “Yeah about that. Anyway so what’s the plan. I’ve had this fun thought in mind. There’s this site where it looks like a funnel to hell, so to speak, and the price is so low it almost has to be haunted or something!” said Ezra.”You’re kidding me right?!” Sara and Zonso said in unison. “How could you possibly be so daft?! The thought of even being near that site is one of folly. To build?! ….. I think I’m just gonna go home and pretend this conversation didn’t happen.”

This landmark was an area guarded by superstition. Generations have past and variants of the story formed an unusual mythos about the arrival of a celestial being. It was given the name воронка создатель in the earlier versions on the myth but now was Vo for short. Vo brought down a rain a judgement on the people of the land and with that caused the Earth to rise up against it bringing up every creature against a common enemy. Versions of this story tell of a light coming from the center of the Earth. Blinding Vo and causing it to stumble into a large fracture. The fracture was thought to be covered by the ocean but the light’s damage was something that could not be recovered from.

Believing that an alteration of this area would be a trigger one of two things were thought possible. Either bringing another one of these celestial beings back or causing this light source to return and causing an enourmous amount of damage.With a heavy sigh and with a hand on Ezra’s shoulder Sara shared her opinion. “I’m game to at least check it out. The damn hole hasn’t had anything special happen to is since that story was made up. I’m sure it was just a meteor that came down and all of the drunks and insane prophets of the time just made shit up. I mean think about it. No seismic activity, nothing out of the ordinary and it’s up for sale? How could they sell it if it were a harm to society. Apparently someone is comfortable enough to see what happens. Let’s be ground breaking and get some publicity out of this.” Ezra’s smile was ear to ear and knew that Zonso couldn’t say no to peer pressure.

“Weeeellllll it is pretty funny that you say ground breaking, cauuuse we are going to be doing a large amount of that. Instead of a skyscraper, I mean come on, this city is riddled with them. I want to do a ground scraper with an observatory deck on the bottom, instead of having people look into the heavens. I’ll have the deck look out into the large cavern, built by yours truly, and have them wonder how far can the blackness go?!” Ezra was saying this while slowly pouring a bottle of water into a storm drain and was overheard by Felix. “Sounds like your take away from the seminar was ambitious! Honestly an idea like that could turn this place on its head, in a good way! I’d like to talk more about this. If you three would have the spare time?”

Zonso stepped forward eagerly and shook Felix’s hand, “We definitely have the time! We’ll be sure to make the first meeting you set up! By the way, what is your take on the ‘Infinity of Ghastly Images’ by Franklin Boreeve? I always just thought of it as a puddle of water encased in plexi-glass.” Felix overwhelmed with the excited energy Zonso was emanating slowly took his hand away from what he felt as a cold clammy iron grasp, “Well I can see why you think that. It is essentially water encased in plexi-glass. The point of art is the take away. Look at something as not the sum of its parts but rather what you think it could be or should be. Maybe the artist interests your current mindset or can bring you to a provocative thought process where you can become inspired. It can also be a piece that doesn’t excite or interest you at all.”

Felix walked with Ezra, Zonso, and Sara toward the metro station. Offering them cigars all declined but Sara. After lighting Sara’s and his own, Felix started to point to landmarks and buildings nearby in visual range and explain most of the thought processes of the architects. “In most cases an art explained, takes the fun out of it. Try to understand it but not too much. In any case I am thoroughly excited and genuinely anxious to see what you will take away from you’re experience with the ‘Light’s Hideaway’.”

After Felix left, the three all spoke about their upcoming plans. None of them, not even Zonso, spoke too much about the meeting. However subtly everyone acknowledged the strange behavior Zonso exhibited. He was never known to be star struck or even overly excited about anything. Whenever he met someone who he felt was an “in” to a new opportunity he was always collective and in control of his emotions. It was a cold side of Zonso everyone knew. Zonso being warm and forward was strange, too strange to warrant a response. Besides ‘Light’s Hideaway’ was around the corner and there were other things to be concerned with.




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