Was it Henry or Harry?

DSC_0175 (2).JPG

This amazing little one is the pet of a stranger my wife and I met while out on a hike during our 1 year anniversary. His stature, facial, and body language screamed regal. I wish I had a small crown to give him. He took extra care not to get an uncomfortable amount of wet but just enough to satisfy whatever standard he had set in his mind.

Pets just seem to have such amazing personalities. It makes me wonder about the turning point of which man started to settle and become less nomadic as a whole. There was a turning period for us to stop worrying about certain necessities and started worrying more about the ease and comfort of society. If given the opportunity would an otherwise wild animal, after generations of domesticity, start to build more on their personality. Start worry about things like style and comfort more so than the need of survival. Is that how we get hilarious candid moments with our fuzzy little sidekicks? I wonder if there are societies of animals that have already established themselves comfortably and tend to do this naturally. They probably do. The world is so large it’s just amazing what possibilities are out there.

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge


7 thoughts on “Was it Henry or Harry?

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