Living and watching everything through the rear view mirror.

My wonderful city.

It bespoke of an exuberant amount of wealth and prosperity but relied solely on the programmers. They always seemed to have the better end of the stick as well but honestly, in a place like this, it didn’t matter. Work didn’t kill everyone’s dreams. If you deserved advancement you got it. If you didn’t well the rate you got kept you on your feet and no one really had a job that they didn’t fully immerse themselves in.

From the outside looking in I could see why people outside of the city walls can see this as a culted society but it didn’t feel like that. The worst we had was unfortunate news about the outside world. Tales of famine, tragedy, greed, murder, and these horrific nonsensical acts of egotist superiority that made our worst fiction and horror novels seem like the stuff children’s nightmares were made of.

I could not believe it when it happened. My experience of the event was when I woke to begin my day. I went to the coffee shop below my office building. My transaction had been the last one to successfully complete that day. I bought a bagel with peach and habanero jelly and cream cheese. I heard the teller explain to the next customer that her card had been declined and that the cloud cash that was in the till had also malfunctioned and they were going to have to close due to technical difficulties.

Technical difficulties. Fuck…. There weren’t any damn technical difficulties for fucking ever! I should have known right then and there to pack my shit and go. Unfortunately for me and so many others in that coffee shop we just let it sit in the back of our heads till we got to gossip about it when we were in our respecitive offices.

Turns out overnight the programmers set out an update that was not suppose to continue into the morning and life as we knew it should have stayed the same. According to the few consistant rumors I have heard. Shortly after the update past sunrise, there was a large amount of air traffic leaving the city. It took over 2 hours but the traffic died down and then completely stopped. The update was for a reallocation of spending and purchasing of the wellness expenses and what they called “reorganization of caustic matter as per order of //W.A.L.T.E.R//” the city’s public works automated organization tool. You could only guess who could possibly fix this god forsaken new reality brought to us by our dear Walter. You could also guess who was on the damn plane high tailin’ it out of here!

It had been four days since I had eaten anything. The last meal being a dead rat, I thought was for sure, going to put me out for good. Those stories from the outside were true. The news wasn’t this exageratting machine bent on fear mongering. How there are people who have been able to endure these struggles on a consistant basis is hard for me to imagine. Here I am in a city that was once so vibrant and now look at it. Toppled down from the inside out all because someone thought it would be a good idea to try and tweak government finances through automation.

They truth of our city started to rear its ugly head. People who were coherent broke at the first point of not being able to connect to the fabric that held everything together. The older ones seemed to quickly turn paranoid and decided to hold “their” ground and that started the division. That brought about the neighborhoods in front of you. That small detail of this is now mine and no one can have it but me and who I deem worthy.

The outer world was experiencing what was natural. The oddity was us and we need to be an oddity again. We need to find out what they did to us. Shit. I don’t even know who they were I was just brought up to accept how good we had it was how good it was always going to be. Why did it change?


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