Falling was my best option.

I saw myself forming. One piece at a time in the slowest and most fluid of motions. I couldn’t recognize what was happening before it was too late. The weight of the world’s force pulled me in every which way. The wind guided my movements and I had no say. I could only remember this moment. Everything that was happening was the beginning of what I would experience for the rest of my life.

As I grew heavier the wind was losing its control of me. At this point falling was my best option. It had taken me by suprise, but it felt like I would be fleeing a group of friends that I have known for ages. Just when I had grown accustomed to the choatic rhythym of the wind, this downward pull overwhelmed my whole being.

Faster I fell until I hit some surface. It was black all around me. The warmth of the surface was a comfort I had never known. One that would not last. Comfort turned into panic when I realized my edges began to disappear. I disappeared.

-The Life of A Snowflake

via Daily Prompt: Flee


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