Where a mind can wander/Where can a mind wander/ Wander where a mind can

So I have taken to writing a book! I have never thought of it as a possibility but then again so many things can change a person’s life it is amazing! So far the process has been interesting. I find that I am writing with the thought of before the book is published I would die. I have no reason to think that but it is a good motivator. It gives me urgency to put as much information into what I am writing and makes me pretty picky on the quality of information.

I hope it is something that can influence, aspire and potentially be a stepping stone into a new fun habit. I have some stories in mind and some fun pictures I would like to paint with words. We shall see what happens!

I was also recently given information on how to put my photographs onto some fun mediums I had never thought possible. Not because they are extravagant but because I hadn’t really given to much thought into the printing of my photos. Turns out what I was told was a pretty standard practice. I hope to start getting into a bit of photo editing but honestly I would rather nature do most of the dirty work :-)! I may add a bit of certain colors if the lighting in the photo wasn’t capturing the essence of the photo but other than that I don’t feel I would want to alter things too much. Unless I plan on making it look absurdly abstract!

Music!! Music!! Music!!

I actually put some time aside and messed around with some new things! My buddy always sends me a large amount of guitar tracks and I haven’t had the time or tools to do anything but ponder their expansive possibilities. Now I have been able to start stringing things together and it is pretty awesome to hear something in your head for awhile and start to actually put it into reality!

Where I am going and the journey I feel my “new” mindset is taking me is going to be an awesome one. I can feel it!

Motivation is hard but is key. Focus is hard but is essential.


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