There is something a bit ritualistic about coffee. I know that has been said a thousand times over but a million other people but this morning it just stuck with me. As I poured the remnants of the ones who didn’t make the steam train, I smelled all of the flavors I had added into the brew. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ground Cloves, and a small bit of almond extract with a splash of maple syrup.

As I inhaled the olfactory gift that is said brew, I took my butter-knife slowly dipped it into the center of the french press and started to stir. While stirring I just kept thinking, “If you turn the middle long enough it will all turn.” For some reason that just fascinated me. Basic physics, something that has been seen a thousand times over in a million different scenarios, but it was still fascinating.

I didn’t wonder about anything else. I felt what could have been thought of as a sense of meditation. It was a mindset of focus I wished to have on an everyday basis with every primary task that was at hand. Unfortunately I’m generally scatter brained and the sentences that I can actually string together into something coherent seem to only be in a form that would, in a one on one interaction, extremely strange.

In any case, the coffee is here and now brewed. Time to start a new journey, a new day.


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