Haven’t you noticed? A general question about information and the game of telephone.

People will experience strong emotions towards whatever they believe in regardless of what it is. It is what we do as humans. Especially those who have an open mind but only to like opinions.

I have a tendency to go ahead and argue facts that I do not completely understand. Sometimes to see if the source has enough belief in what they are saying to pull for it on all fronts or has the decency, in their persona, to admit when they do not have the sufficient information to justify continuing discussion in whatever direction it may be going in.

Takes a minute to feel the rolling breeze under a tree in the cold of winter’s peak.

Takes a deep breathe and waits.

Several years of having the information given to me from mediums that either left me in strange places I never felt comfortable in or something as simple as snail mail I wondered about the game of telephone. Did the people that gave us the information we take as “word of God” have a sound mind? Were they the upstanding citizens of their time? What about now? Will future historians find our past works and wonder, “This civilization vanished without a trace.” due to our lean towards biodegradable materials and the crutch of digital media? Will we leave a trace but only those who wrote letters to themselves in stone in that yard of the mansion that housed their padded room? Will those letters be all that survive and influence the new age of combat between the barriers of sane and insane or social norm and dissonance?

Gets up from beneath the tree. Dusts off pants and proceeds to walk along a foamy coast line.

Looks like my next job is here.

Leaves an etched stone in the dirt just out of reach of high tide. 

—–[Random character in a similar but different world]—–

(Inspired by Hyperbole writing prompt 11/5/2016)


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