A Communal Mistake : Appreciated

So there I was I just couldn’t believe what I saw. There, before me, was a grand structure torn and warped. It reminded me of a dream I had where a claw of three talons stretched and spiraled but it was just the talons. No matter where I would run or hide they always found a way to resume the chase but the moments where it seemed all would end they would just stop and hover. It felt like a taunt. I wondered if this were my application of “The Secret.” Did I use the “law of attraction” to somehow bend space-time, cause a large gravitational well to randomly spring up and disappear causing all of the lives on this bridge to go along with it, and somehow has the remnants look so close to my dream that the deja-vu feeling makes me want to vomit?! In any case this was going to be the only way to get back to the office. I’m sure if there is anyone left in this whole town who has some sense in them they’re going to be well barricaded and that building is Fort Knox and then some.

This was a random thought train that I had thanks to the daily post word of the day prompt. I never knew about this page and hope to keep with it! It was fun.


Video Games With Backwoods Internet: A Thoughtless Ramble on Current Video Game Affairs

I swear sometimes it just seems a bit trying when I’ve tried to play online games with friends that require a decent amount of bandwidth. I wonder how long will it take for the backwoods to get some decent internet speeds. I often tend to think of that episode of South Park when they only have 1 ISP and they are just utterly awful and sit smug with the “Sucks to suck” motto written all over.

Recently my wife and I have been playing Minecraft. A game of which I never really got into until now. I feel as if I have to give myself the smallest goal in order to keep myself engaged. If I push for something grande, I can easily loose myself in a consistent grind of “just one more block.” With that said ……… The Elder Scrolls Online.

I actually haven’t played ESO in a bit due to the fact that I’ve essentially replaced that time with Minecraft. However, there has not been many days that I haven’t thought of it. I thoroughly enjoy, as a solo player, the ease of hopping into a group of dungeon runners and nabbing some loot. Along with the constant flow of having one mission laid out in front of me after another the social aspect of the game is one that can basically sum up the internet society as a whole. 3 parts genuine sincerity, 1 part insane, 1 part deliriously hilarious (it must total five because.) It also isn’t as hard on the psuedo gaming rig I have as say Deus Ex : Mankind Divided is.

Deus Ex :MD is still an uncompleted game in my library mainly due to the fact that ………..”I wasn’t reaaady.” I was testing the limits of a Quad Core 3.0 GHZ, 8 GB DDR3, Radeon HD 7850 2GB setup knowing that it wouldn’t even cover the minimum. It did run for a bit and I was able to get a good amount of gameplay in before my mind just said “Dude, this is not the experience you were hoping for. Time to save up and wait to finish this gem.” Of the amount of game that I have played I was suprised to see that it didn’t feel as fast as I thought it would be. Maybe if I felt more completion out of playing the side missions than what I experienced that would change my outlook. Either that or the fact that my lack of adequate caused Jensen to run through molasses everywhere he went.

Even though my PC isn’t ready for DE:MD, it just may be ready for Elder Scrolls Skyrim: Special Edition. Although I saw the few articles about how it is currently in the mixed review category on Steam and the intense bugs including the awesome “Horsecopter.” I still have nostalgia goggles on for this one. I’m down to give it at least 100-200 hours of my time and possibly a fair amount of mod downloads. At least until I find a way to grab some funds for the upgrades.

With a packed library and nothing else to do. Time to let gamer rage get the best of you!