In the beginning there was a start.


I would have loved to have a musical rhythm as a heartbeat. Then I’d be able to dance to the beat of my own heart. Maybe if I listen to my heart and my fianceé’s at the same time and create a song to that beat signature then I could truly create a song that is only ours. 🙂

Responsibility is such a fundamental thing. Whether it be taking responsibility for something you have done or for someone else’s action or being capable of carrying out a task at a reasonable time and of reasonable quality. The hard thing is teaching that to someone who just does not care. What does a person do when someone doesn’t want to help better their own life? How do you make them see the error? How do you explain that it is an error? There tends to be a point where it is initially help but then seems to be catering to a hard downfall in a person’s struggle to gain their own independence in life. After that type of help how can you ween a person off of the drug of dependence if they don’t want to help themselves. Have them go cold turkey? Its amazing how birds go on with having a little one not make it airborne.If there was a person who was able to get the usual wish of becoming a bird but still have the human cognition condition would they still want to be a bird? To have flight and freedom but to also have to have the responsibility of a bird be it large or small.


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