A Celery Kind of Crisp!



Nature can overdo itself sometimes.

Everyday is new and different and also has an abundance of time travelers who can’t see where they are going but are going on with the ride regardless.

I was sitting in my work van just pondering about the most random things. Some things I wish i saw on my news feeds regardless of how old the theories may be. Like the thought of dark energy being faster than the speed of light and if that is the case it is moving backwards through time. That is something so amazing it makes me want to wear a T-shirt that says such.

I understand entertainment has a large amount of value and importance in our lives but wow do we put a large amount of money and substance into it. So much so that it seems it can drive the celebrity mad. I wonder if we put that much time and energy into science and the world of exploration and advancement in human life where would we be. The other day I glanced at some national news and I learned in less than a minute that a certain celebrity¬†had a new dog and someone was killed in a neighboring state. When they have these sites that have those quick flashcard news it tends to be a wild mix of information whether or not it would seem to be important. I could be envious that no news media outlet was interested in when my family had purchased a dog or had a public outburst but somethings could definitely be replaced with something much more informative. Maybe on slow news days instead of picking something less like filler and possibly add something of a tad bit of educational value. No one really NEEDS to know when who did what when and I’m sure people generally don’t like to be photographed at the beach with a tag like “WTF HAPPENED TO THAT BODY?!”

Other than tabloid publicity and the strange but natural obsession with having to satisfy social status quos there is the money aspect of things. Now I understand that there is a mix of business and art out there but for mediocre music and a plethora of drama. It doesn’t take much thought as to why someone would hope to hit it big in stardom. Sometimes it seems that people would through away their personality to whatever would seem to be the fad just to try and fill this template of a celebrity personality and figure that is the key. Do what you will but just be cautious and aware of what is happening and what may happen.

Much love to the everyone and I hope your day was filled with rich moments.


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