It starts to make sense after awhile.

The pattern seems to be apparent.

Across the in between.

In from nothing.

Porous planes of view scatter lines.

Of mercury rain in paradise.



In the beginning there was a start.


I would have loved to have a musical rhythm as a heartbeat. Then I’d be able to dance to the beat of my own heart. Maybe if I listen to my heart and my fianceĆ©’s at the same time and create a song to that beat signature then I could truly create a song that is only ours. šŸ™‚

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It has been awhile!

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There have been a few things that have happen since I last posted. My fianceĆ© and I moved to the woods and it is so awesome! I’ve been able to do some yoga and meditate more and much more comfortably than in the apartment. The amount of hostility that is abundant when only 4 families with different lifestyles share a roof is amazing. Another shocker is the amount of passive aggressive hostility that was in the complex. I feel like being passive aggressive is like not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings but at the same time giving them hints that may just end up adding to the problem in the first place. Being straight-forward may seem a bit harsh at first and may heed results of the person being the same way to you at a later time (possibly out of spite), but it’s like taking off a band-aid, sooner or later it has to be done.


I have had a large amount of time to start thinking about life changes and large moves. It is one thing to love your trade and get paid a comfortable amount of money in it. It is definitely something else Ā when someone gets a considerable amount more and has the task equivalent to that of an automaton. I went to school and trained for close to a decade just to see someone who is sliding a product down a conveyor belt have a better wage. Now be that as it may I don’t plan to get completely upset about the whole situation but it does open my eyes. Working for a company is not going to satisfy my urge to do as much as I can for society in the long run. It feels like I can do so much more. I want to make a nice amount where I could vacation a decent amount out of the year and work on my own terms while actively enjoying and improving the product I am creating. Even if it isn’t a commercial product and it is some sort of out of the box science idea that I later find the math for and realize “hmmm no one has looked at this problem from this angle let’s try this and see what happens?” There just has to be a better way and I most certainly intend to find it.

My XBOX One has become a large paperweight.

I have decided to lock my hair using the twist and rip method. A week into having locked my hair I am enjoying it. I looked up things before and still continue to research methods of maintenance and future styling for my hair. For not having cut it in about 3ish-4 years I still wish it were longer haha.

There also has been music in the mix! I am so happy for that. Our next practice is on the 27th and I am extremely excited for it. Everyone’s work schedule is difficult to sync up so it has been a slow process to create our album but it is still a work in progress and the great part is we keep moving forward.

Life has been showing us a lot of tests of virtues and it has been, in my opinion, wild that we as a species cannot grasp that if we work together and set aside differences, that we can go a long way. Everyone has a sense of cooperation but there is always a dividing line that prevents further cooperation and sets groups of people away from each other. What is right and what is wrong seem to get lost in the mix too. When the day comes, may it be some unreal global catastrophe that no one can argue is real or not, where everyone puts down the offensive agenda since the world has been sectioned off into regions and nations and expansion via military is already seen as invasive, abrasive, and at times medieval. Cooperation towards better living for everyone and the expansion of our knowledge of life as we know it. At that time humankind will have attained what we have wanted all along. Our own place in heaven and we made it. I guess that’s why it seems so fake and people could only hope to die to see it. I feel that we can do this eventually. I don’t have the confidence to say that it will be during my lifetime or even my grandchildren’s lifetime but I feel it can happen.

I have more to say and I hope tomorrow comes so I could say it but until then.

Better yourself humanity! For your sake and no one else!