A piece of arsenic cake.



Pressure, pressure, pressure!


I post this tree because it reminds me that I must meditate today. Job interviews can be such strange things. I just finished taking my last job interview for a little while and it was more of an awkward interrogation. My fiancee tells me that some HR reps are trained to not give away their personal opinion but man is that just an unsettling situation. It was as if I went to meet someone, and was extremely excited to do so, only to find that they felt neutral about every subject known to man. One of the things that was a bit unsettling was the HR’s resemblance to that Youtube gopher that was spamming the web not too long ago. One upside was my ability to get them to laugh at least once but let me back track a bit before I go on with an embarrassing story.

So I walk into the HR office having taken two pre-employment academic tests one of which was extremely difficult and one was basic math. By the way if an answer is 150 but your choices are 140 or 160 which would you round to? Back to the interview. We walk into the head of HR’s office and all take a seat. The head of HR introduced himself and I had done the same. The other two reps had sat in silence making no eye contact whatsoever so I forced an introduction upon them along with a small conversation because sitting in close quarters next to someone you don’t speak two words to is just out right strange to me. All questions that were asked didn’t seem outlandish or otherworldly like one which was “How many window panes are in Brooklyn? I don’t know I’m just asking.” I felt like I could have done better in representing the knowledge that I do have but for some reason when it comes to interview scenarios I just freeze and can’t think on the spot. I could be flying down a mountain on foreign terrain and find the courage to learn how to snowboard on the fly but when it comes to expressing my thought clearly to get the career that I would most certainly appreciate, nope. Well I could sit and dwell on it or I could just be grateful that I at least found one job and not a bad one either. Regardless I’ll find out tomorrow rather than waiting a month for a callback like the other job :-/.

In other news, I should have time to write some more riffs tomorrow. I have been playing G Mixolydian in a diagonal pattern to get the feel for the fretboard more than what I had before . I’ve got some interesting sounds I’d like to mess with. I have just been way too busy to focus on music. My mother has tenants moving into one of her houses and as wild as it had seemed we had to try to renovate it within a week’s time. That probably would have been easy with a crew of 5 but it was just me and her. At one point my cousin/her nephew via marriage was there but that was the last we saw of him. There was some drama that involved a possibility of him lying about whether or not he was sick or busy or what have you but the fact of the matter was he was there one day and not there any of the other days.  Now I have a night to relax and a day to exercise.

Time to find Nirvana. I hear a few people have been there but no one brings me a mug or a shirt.

Laters 😛

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