Sorry I broke your heliosphere…



The murderous Pac-Man.

I hope that I can see some crazy advances in space travel, or just plane travel itself but man do conflicts get in the way of progress. I guess in itself they are progress but I’m, for the most part, non-violent and usually watch from the sidelines as arguments and disagreements escalate to what I consider to be unreasonable lengths. I love binge watching and one show came back into by life the same day Voyager 1 was announced to officially have left our solar system and that show is, that’s right, Star Trek: Voyager! I read that NASA played the Star Trek theme during the unveiling of this information and immediately I thought how fantastic! This show along with Star Trek: TNG have my childhood written all over it and I just love both shows.

Later today my guitarist buddy and I plan to write some more tunes and get some structure. I couldn’t be more excited for this venture. It is progress I have never seen and something I have never experienced which is so what life is about. The experience of the unknown and the challenge of new boundaries.

Whether it be areas of space, time or music let us explore and congrats mankind on our technological triumph!


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