Toaster Strudles > Pop Tarts


My cat just doesn’t have it easy what with the petting and being fed on a constant basis. It’s just one difficult life I couldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I just finished beating Bioshock . Yes, the first one and I know I’m late but man was that difficult. The ending was worth it though. I felt a small attachment to the Little Sisters and thought that it was an adorable ending. They mentioned something about a family and it got me thinking about mine. Some people in my family are some odd folk. I always wonder why people decide to emphasize the drama in their life and make it worse than it is. There are moments where I wonder if certain people are all their mentally and they are most likely not. I just have to find my way of comfortably dealing with the fact that just because the title of family member is there doesn’t necessarily mean that they will act as homely as I’d hope for. I love it when I am able to talk to my best buds and my fiance about anything without fear of judgement or talking about me behind my back and spreading rumors. It’s a great thing. It’s a shame when I have to consider that a possibility with some of my own family members. In the long run rumors can spread like hot butter on a skillet but I will still be me and I am proud of the man I am and the man I am growing into.


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