When you see the stairs …



Best get some sun before it goes away. 

My fiancee and I are about to go exercise and I’m excited for the comfortable weather that nature has brought us today. It looks so beautiful and comfortable that I may just drive over to the local overlook and just enjoy the day. Days like this feel like they are a dime a dozen and should not be taken for granted. Odd thought but almost every time I flush a toilet I think about areas that barely have drinking water. It makes me feel empathetic for that society and humbles me.  When I feel like there is something I could complain about something I think about it and wonder is it really worth complaining about the bad. Why not just appreciate the good out of a situation because it could always be worst.

I had some odd dreams last night involving MMOs and trouble combinations of horror movies and worst case scenarios. Although on the bright side that it must mean I’ve gotten great sleep to have some REM action going on. The research on the best ways to sleep and best ways to getting to sleep seems a bit vague and inconclusive partly because of all of mankind being like snowflakes where what may work for one person will not for the other. I hope to find my perfect position and remember it because I could definitely use a constant great nights rest and wake up without an alarm when it comes to being employed. One thing I couldn’t stand while I was working was rushing to my alarm and not feeling like I got the sleep I hoped for. It was like buying a desperately needed coffee and finding out you were served a hot chocolate.

The best part of starting any day above all else is waking up.


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