Trans-Dimensional Firefly


Man I cannot express how excited I am to be a part of a musical entity that feels like it’ll grow into an amazing project. I have made a vow to put at least an hour into theorizing some riffs and writing every morning. This is something that I have been waiting for and it is unreal. I didn’t think it would be hard to find people who were influenced by the same musicians as I. I also couldn’t believe how difficult it could be to find people who were really dedicated to something. This actually goes beyond bandmates.

As a general statement it is always easier said than done. This goes for being part of a movement of change or making smaller life changing decisions. I feel like this could possibly go without saying but I feel like writing about it so I will :-p. When it comes to finding hobbies that involve a group of like minded strangers I usually have a gut feeling that I would be the worst at whatever the hobby may be. I am sure that is a normal feeling of anyone who is a decent modest person. This reminds me of when I was watching an episode of Portlandia where team Thunderant played two people who were at an intersection and both were extremely passive and selfless. They eventually crashed at extremely low speeds.

I wish I had some cashola and a trabajo to actually dive into a whole bunch of random activities in areas I’ve never been with people I hardly know. ¬†Soon enough though. If life has proven one thing it is definitely that eventually if a person doesn’t sit idly by and actively pursues reasonable goals it can be easily attainable with patience. Hooray!


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