Boy Oh Boy I Hope That’s Not A Heart Attack Coming.


I never found a way to endure even the smallest amount of guilt. Different cultures label it with their title tagged along with guilt i.e.:Catholic Guilt. Oddly enough this is post is being written around the same time Jon Benjamin is playing a lawyer on Parks and Recreation via Netflix, and is trying to refrain Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope from inadvertently admitting guilt. I wonder if that’s a quality I would want to change. I’m fine with feeling even the slightest sympathy even more so when it deals with reliability in a person. One of these days fashionably late will be the same as fashionably irresponsible. It might be the small amount of age kicking in but I’m done with it.

Comedians and Comediennes are amazing, talented and gutsy. I started to have an interest in getting into writing something whether it be a script to a skit or a cartoon revolved around the ridiculous tangents conversations take. I would actually prefer the latter. My best bud and I are more like brothers. We’ve known each other and have been hanging out since before I can remember. We usually have the most bizarre conversations and have thought about making a web series about a few things or just a hang out recorded. Life in its raw organic form is just fascinating.


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