What was that? Did you see that?

I want to investigate the paranormal so badly!

I assume my addiction to the paranormal and cryptozoological world stems from my curiosity of the endless possibilities of this world and its inhabitants (human or otherwise.) It will astound and confuse me until the day I die why any group of entities would mindlessly destroy this world or for that matter have a lack of action in preserving its amazing potential. There is so much unseen, untouched, and unknown about our world and about ourselves that makes it just so awesome to be alive. It’s things like this that I notice a lot of people take advantage of. I moved from a large city to a much much smaller city not too long ago and one thing I’ve noticed is the difference in life and my perception of time when everything around me has relatively slowed down significantly.

There is a book I’m reading called The Buddha Walks into a Bar by Lodro Rinzler and man has it helped me see the world in a brighter and more involved way. I feel like every interaction I have I should make that interaction the most positive and meaningful interaction it can be. I also feel like I would like to take all the things that are bad in the world, put them into some sort of colosseum and ask “Why continue being bad when being good is just that much better?” Knowing actions aren’t inherently bad or good its the intention behind it and that some actions that are considered bad are just bad ways to get a good outcome, there are still some people out there with some wild intentions of some stubborn close minded malice.

If you marinate ground beef or pre-made patties with a combination of average picnic toppings like ketchup and bbq sauce for about 2-3 days it makes an interesting addition to the meats flavor.


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